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Programs for infants, 2-year old,
3-year-old, and Pre-K/Kindergarten 


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Devonshire Preschool and Infant Center

Devonshire Preschool & Infant Center accepts children as young as 6 weeks of age. Our priority is to develop a strong foundation in education from an early age. We introduce children to letters, numbers, shapes and colors from an early age and build from that as they grow. By the time your child graduates from Devonshire Preschool they will be ready to strive in any educational path you decide to put them in.

Now Enrolling!

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The Curriculum


We introduce the children to basic cognitive, language, motor, and social skills

2-Year Old

We introduce more numbers, shapes, colors, simple science concepts, and a bit of history.

3-Year Old

The children are introduced to the basic skills of writing, math, history, and science, and homework.

Pre-K / Kindergarten

We ensure your child has a solid foundation where your child begins to process information more rapidly and can be independent.

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Why Choose Devonshire Preschool?

Our infant and preschool program has a curriculum that grows and expands as the child grows.

Two circle times one in the morning to introduce what we will be learning through out the day and one in the afternoon to review what was taught through out the day.

We introduce children to homework as early as age 3 to make sure they develop a routine that will be used in the years to come.

Education based - science, history and diversity is shown throughout our curriculum.


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